Friday, October 26, 2007

How do I make up for one whole year of not blogging?

So lets sum up my life this entire year in a handful of words is quite a constrained task and I don't want to bore you readers either with an entire biography of my life...yeah so I came into this place called Weirhouse which is a hostel for first year university students.However I arrived a week late and thus by then everyone had settled down and more or less formed their own cliques..except me. Haha...the first event i experienced was what they called a wine and cheese party...sort of a semi-formal event where people could meet and talk while trying out an extremely wide variety of cheese(never seen so many different types of cheese before) and a limited amount of wine. I made quite a few new 'friends' who couldn't remember me after the alcohol wore off and also a handful of good friends who are still by me even at the end of the year. Anyway, this was actually the first teenage 'kiwi' party i have ever been too and thus was quite an experience for me. I fell into bed really early and slept off the jet-lag plus alcohol. The next day was a not-so-subtle snap back to reality as I orientated myself to the new surroundings as well as finding out on how to be a uni student. After a whirlwind of walking and asking around, I finally found out where all my lectures were and bought all the required reading material. My first lecture was on statistics and I swear I have never seen a more boring person in my life( couldn't really compare him to lecturers as this was my first lecture) I tried to pay attention like a model uni student but eventually my mind drifted off and from the looks of the other students I wasn't the only one. After what seemed like an eternity, the class finally ended and my next lecture was economics. This was a hell lot more interesting than stats and i soon found myself enjoying it... the lecturer himself was quite a character and i found myself admiring him and mocking him at the same time... he was a good economist and presenter but he also had a tendency to treat us like young schoolboys..if he caught some people talking,he would tell them off as though they were five years old(this was unusual for a lecturer) Also, he and exactly one outfit,(which he wore for the entire year) .These are just a few of his unconventional characteristics and I could go on and on. Law and business psychology was uneventful and that summed up my day.Well this coupled with countless memorable and cherished experiences which i shared with my friends and that can never be described with words pretty much sums up my year. Exams are a topic which i generally avoid, its not like i want my readers who are already preoccupied with their own exams to come to my blog and read more about exams. Its a taboo among my mates as here ends my post

Hey! Im a blog virgin...but tonight that changes first post after being bugged for about a few weeks by someone to start a blog. Since my exams are over, cant really use that as an excuse now can I? Haha
Actually I started this blog ages ago but I couldn't be screwed writing anything and I eventually forgot the address. Fortunately, i suddenly got a vague idea of what it was and thus my blog came into existence...